Time Flies…

Tomorrow is Janie’s 2nd birthday.  Hard to believe.  It’s been so long since I’ve posted on here that there is almost too much to share about everyone’s status.  I’ll try to give the high points as quick as I can here:

  • Janie is walking, running, jumping, talking, and otherwise completely two years old.  She occasionally uses the potty and loves sesame street. She is very sweet and loving, and cares for all her dolls and stuffed animals much like Marie did when she was this age (or a little older). She looks up to her big brother and big sister very much.
  • Brian is 5 1/2 years old, and is enjoying Mrs. Lane’s Kindergarten class very much. His favorite things are Super Mario and Angry Birds, and if he were permitted to play video games 24 hours a day, he would. (I wonder where he gets that from.)  Brian would do anything to protect his sisters.
  • Marie is 7 1/2 years old, going on 22.  She is doing great in Ms. Murtha’s 2nd grade class, and loves her teacher very much. Marie’s favorite things are reading books and making art. If I had more time and energy I’d post more images of her fantastic artwork. She loves to sing, but doesn’t love it when people make a big deal about it!

A nice bedtime

Marie and Brian are sleeping in the top bunk of Marie’s bed tonight. I’m not sure that’s allowed (we had a pretty strict policy of needing to be 6 years old to be on the top bunk, well at least until Marie was 6) but they are so excited about it. I heard them saying to each other “tonight is going to be the best night ever!” It’s so refreshing when they enjoy spending time with each other 🙂 🙂 🙂


Brian is currently making up his own emoticons to send to me. Highlights include:

  • that last one is “happy because he got slammed in the face by a fish”


  • scissors


  • Your guess is as good as mine!

What to do?

So what exactly do you do when your child seems like he might be sick, but he might not? Brian has an elevated temperature and seems a little lower energy than normal. Take him to baseball camp and see if he gets miserable? See if the other parents there burn you at the stake for bringing a possibly sick child in? Or, take him to the doctor, where the doctor will say “he might be getting a cold”? These are our current challenges of parenthood 🙂

been a while

Life has been crazy here in Virginia. Patrick has brought his parents back east. Marie finished first grade, with constantly improving marks through the year. Brian finished preschool. Janie has learned to walk, and is learning to talk. Too much to catch up on. Facebook has made us lazy.

For the meantime, enjoy the new icons, and hope that I’ll make some more substantive posts soon!


Brian was a big help at the grocery store today. He got a little kid cart, and we started putting stuff in it, and the first few things were all green. So was the cart…so he decided he wanted only green things in there. What fun! He filled it up with green pepper, scallions, grapes, granny smith apples, green beans, and some other stuff. He said that kiwis would be allowed because they are green on the inside. Then he put smart puffs in there. They come in a beige and purple bag. I guess if you make the rules you can bend them too. 🙂

how i lost weight

Here’s a good weight loss plan:
1. split 100 calorie package of cookies with Brian, for a reduced calorie snack.
2. laugh hysterically (burning calories) as he pretends the bag the cookies came in is their car, and they all get back in to drive to disneyworld.


After bathtime some months ago, Brian crouched down on the floor and covered himself in a towel, and told us he was an egg. After a while, he hatches, and runs around. This has become a bit of a tradition.

They ran to Brian’s bed after baths tonight, and both got under the comforter to be a big double egg. Laura poked under the blanket to tickle them, and Brian said “Mom, don’t touch me! I’m a vewwy fwagile one!” Then Marie hatched and started running around and said “and I ran off in alarm!”

Funny kids, they are.