Ever heard of “bilirubin”: How about “jaundice”: Well it turns out that Ms. Janie has two big risk factors for it, which is why they checked it at least daily in the hospital, why we had to get her blood tested on Friday, and why we’re going back to the hospital tomorrow (Monday). See the below quote from “here”:

bq.. A blood type incompatibility between the mother and baby is also a reason to track the newborn’s jaundice more closely. This exists when a mother has the blood type O (and therefore has antibodies against A and B cells) and her newborn is of blood type A or B. This may cause the newborn’s red blood cells to break down more quickly due to maternal antibodies that have leaked into the baby’s bloodstream.

A blood type incompatibility also exists if the mother has a Rh (Rhesus) factor negative blood type and the newborn is Rh factor positive. This had been a common cause of severe neonatal jaundice, but is now very uncommon because Rh immune globulin (Rhogham) is given to mothers at risk before delivery.

p. Wouldn’t you know, Janie’s blood type is A-, and Mom’s is O+. Since this didn’t happen with Marie or Brian, Laura did not receive the immunoglobulin mentioned in the second paragraph.

Some updates

We are in the home stretch, baby 3 will be here soon! Also, we are pleased to welcome Billy & Regan’s new kid to the site when he/she arrives later this year.

I’m no longer updating pictures in the image gallery. Instead, I’m uploading all and I mean *all* our photos to “my flickr account”: courtesy of my “eye-fi”: card and some minor programming. They are tagged as being for family only, so if you want to get access to the photos just contact me and I’ll send you a family invite. I’ll try and upload a few good ones to this blog here and there.

Our basement finishing process is now complete (sans furniture) and we look forward to having some visitors to come see it!