No thyroid problems…

I’m feeling bad that I never followed up on my weblog post “here.”: It turns out that Brian has only a benign condition resulting in low thryoid binding globulin levels. This causes the thyroid readings to come out low. The best description I found was “on this page:”:

bq. Most of the thyroid hormones in the blood are attached to a protein called thyroid binding globulin (TBG). If there is an excess or deficiency of this protein it alters the T4 or T3 measurement but does not affect the action of the hormone. If a patient appears to have normal thyroid function, but an unexplained high or low T4, or T3, it may be due to an increase or decrease of TBG.

So, the bottom line is, there is no problem! Hooray!


Marie loves “_Bob and Larry_”. At “Costco”: the other day, I purchased a two-pack containing the two latest “VeggieTales”: videos: Duke and the Great Pie War and Minnesota Cuke. Marie warched Duke tonight, and was quickly bored. While still cute, it seemed overproduced and the story was too complicated for a two year old. I guess we’ll probably be stuck watching the older simpler episodes for the forseeable future.