Brian and Marie crashed into each other on their bikes this morning, and Brian ripped his fingernail almost all the way off. It looked really scary and there was a lot of blood. After reassuring them he would not die and it would grow back, we went to the dr. and got him patched up. He’s feeling much better now and acting pretty normal. His finger is bandaged like a huge fat finger and we are not allowed to ride bikes for a few days (in this beautiful weather!)


After bathtime some months ago, Brian crouched down on the floor and covered himself in a towel, and told us he was an egg. After a while, he hatches, and runs around. This has become a bit of a tradition.

They ran to Brian’s bed after baths tonight, and both got under the comforter to be a big double egg. Laura poked under the blanket to tickle them, and Brian said “Mom, don’t touch me! I’m a vewwy fwagile one!” Then Marie hatched and started running around and said “and I ran off in alarm!”

Funny kids, they are.

Food art

Tonight at dinner, Marie made a hen and 5 eggs out of her green beans. Brian made three “mans” that were getting squished (by his hand). Most of the green beans actually ended up getting eaten, too. Maybe that’s the secret.