Yesterday Marie and I played the dumbest game of catch – we were both sitting next to each other in the same chair. It ended up being a hilarious good time. I never would have thought of it myself!
Brian laughs and laughs when you tickle him or come at him with kisses or toss him up in the air and especially when Marie talks to him in that high-pitched squeaky voice. How can anyone be sad when there is a baby laughing nearby?

What a walk!

Today, Brian and Marie went for a walk with Daddy while Mommy was at a baby shower. We covered 1.7 miles, and went to the neighborhood park, the grocery store, and back home. We stopped at the store to pick up a snack, and Marie got to choose what we had: donuts and bananas!


Brian and Marie went to William’s 3rd birthday party — William is one of the neighborhood kids. They had great fun. Food, friends, and toys galore. It is so nice to be in a neighborhood with such friendly neighbors.

After naps, Marie blew bubbles in the backyard while Dad cleaned up the tomato plants and did some yard maintenance. Brian was enthralled by the bubbles!

Life is Full

Sometimes there are days when the little girl finds the teabags in the pantry and empties them all over the place (“I squish it!”) and the baby falls out of his carseat at the gym and smacks his sweet head on the (thank goodness) padded floor. Then there are days where the little girl eats all of her nutritious lunch, the baby discovers the joys of riding facing front in the baby bjorn, and the two of them together smile and laugh and giggle over just a simple game of mommy saying “yayyyy”.
Oh wait – all of that happened this morning!


Marie had her first oreo today! She liked it and she even asked to have it opened. Yum, yum. I really wanted to take a picture of how she looked covered in oreo crumbs, but she was heading straight for Brian and I had to clean her off before I got to the camera. He was spared, but yesterday he wasn’t so lucky – she patted him on the head covered in honey and chicken nugget breading after lunch. Sweet!

New Photos!

The “gallery”: has been updated with a “new album”: which has pictures from the big party at the Schneiders’ on Saturday. Thanks to for taking the photos!